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Client Testimonials
We can say without hesitation that you are our sky vendor of choice for any future project needs we might have! I have passed on a similar note to Microsoft to let them know what a great job you guys did for us on the Vanishing Point Game.
Susan Bonds, 42 Entertainment
On January 1st, 2008 at the Tournament of Roses Parade a group I represent purchased five sky billboards… Service didn’t stop until the team made sure the desired effect had been achieved. It was truly remarkable... I was and remain extremely happy with the decision to undertake skytyping as a form of reaching the public. It had immediate impact. It generated a great deal of excitement and interest. It was the best use I can think of the campaign money available to our group… I’d recommend them, and their service without any hesitation.
Alane Hathaway, Writers Guild of America
Zappos.com was extremely pleased with the skytyping over San Diego in early September 2007. Although I wasn’t personally able to be there, we received numerous e-mails from Zappos’ friends and family following the 2 day event. Our eyes and ears in San Diego had nothing but good things to say about the messages over the sky. Ken Collins was very professional and certainly provided a wonderful service to us then and now as he updates us on future events. We plan to use the innovative sky billboard again to tell entire cities about Zappos.com. We consider Skytypers Inc. a friend and professional partner.
Krista Augustson, Offline Marketing/Zappos.com
"For over six years your SKYTYPING has brought great awareness of our product to the south New Jersey shore during the summer, and during other time events in the Philadelphia & Camden areas".
J. Bruce Liewellyn, Chairman of the Board; Coca-Cola Bottling Company
"I've never written you on what a great job you have done for us over the last 9 years. I guess I take certain things for granted working for an 88 year old company that continues to put the customers' needs first. Thanks again for being P.C. Richard & Son's very own Air Force; giving us Honesty Integrity & Reliability in the air while we provide it on the ground".
Alan B. Meschkow, Advertising Director; P.C. Richard & Son
"For over 23 years your SKYTYPING has been an integral part of our King Kullen Marketing program. I thought it was time that I dropped you a note of appreciation. We at King Kullen feel that you are our live TV commercial and have built a very positive identity for us. Our customers acknowledge your efforts".
Bernard D. Kennedy, President; King Kullen Grocery Co. Inc.
"As you know, we have had excellent results from the telephone calls that you've generated by putting our 800 number in the sky along with our "Take The Oreck Challenge" message, and those calls will eventually lead to sales. I would like to thank you for your efforts on our behalf and creating a friendship as well as a business relationship. I look forward to it continuing for many years".
David Oreck, Owner, Oreck Corporation
"We have found their method of advertising to be both cost efficient and impactful for reaching consumers. The value of having messages in the sky at big sporting events or above crowded beaches in the summer cannot be measured. In addition, Pilot messages were seen at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta for a fraction of the cost that official sponsors paid for recognition. If there's a major event, the Skytypers will be there! In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse the magical messages that they create".
Robert Silberman, Marketing Manager; Pilot Pen of America
"It was quite a show not only for the 500,000 people gathered for Riverfest, but also for the hundreds of thousands of people in the outlying suburbs and other cities. We thought the Skytypers would attract media attention and we were right. All three TV stations, several radio stations and newspapers gave us coverage. We got our sales message "Kahn's Old Fashioned Hot Dogs" and "Hey Mom We Want Kahn's Corn Dogs" out to everybody".
Richard W. Dedden, Vice President; Hillshire Farm & Kahn's
"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the good work you've been doing on the Heineken business in the past few months. I'm hearing very good things on the great exposure Heineken's received lately (especially when CBS put their cameras right on your handy work - talk about being " in the right place at the right time").
Steve Davis, Vice President of Marketing; Heineken USA, Inc.
That was AWSOME! Just AWESOME!: Watching from the airport parking roof I got the impressive impact of the huge size of the letters / message, but not of people's responses! On the ground at Cox Pavilion, during the second skywrite, people at minimarkets, gas stations, shopping centers, streets, etc. nearby and far, were watching the 'show in the sky'! People were standing, cars pulled over, watching you do the loops, waiting for each next letter to begin to appear. I got calls from miles away that they could see it! No one even cared that much as the letters drifted, it was the 'show', the progressive message disclosure and flying they enjoyed!

Yours really is a special form of advertising. TV ads, billboards, etc have only seconds to capture people's attention with their message. Skywriting stops people and holds them captive for the whole length of time it takes you to write / disclose the message. And, also the people watching knew there was a human pilot up there - painting an art exhibit - some regular guy with real skill flying the plane - and they loved relating to that! Dragging a banner by the beach is okay but this is wayyyy better. People standing outside markets were TALKING - even to strangers - about it!

I'm THRILLED! THANK YOU! And I hope Las Vegas advertisers wake up to how cool this is! I mean if In 'n Out Burger did this how many people would go right over and buy one?! (and perhaps mine seemed a strange message to write, but America is still Christian and it is Easter and people all over were SMILING and doing thumbs up to the messages)
Bev, Las Vegas