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Sky Text Messaging

Sky Messages: Writings in the Sky

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Engage Your Audience!
The World's Only "Text Messaging
in the Sky"
  • Build your mobile database fast.
  • Advertise to everyone in town instantly with Sky Messages.
  • The ultimate in interactive advertising.
  • With Skytypers you can reach millions of cell phone users at once.
  • All we need is your tag-line, your keyword and your shortcode.
The Facts
Today in the United States, text messaging has become the most popular way individuals communicate with one another.

In the US alone there are over 243 million mobile phone subscribers. 35% of all homes only use mobile phones.

This creates a powerful opportunity for organizations to build profitable life-long relationships with their customers.
Low Cost
SMS is a FRACTION of the cost of contemporary delivery systems.
High Response Rate
95% of all text messages are read
62% are remembered
23% are forwarded
18% of the people respond to mobile campaign offers
Conversion rates are up to 20 times higher than email or direct mail.
Immediate Results
Customers receive your message in seconds and results are available in real time. Text records are automatically saved and archived for future review.
Simple to Start
Launching your campaign is very easy. Pick your campaign, choose the start and end dates, create your keywords and provide your short code and thatís it.

Call 1-888-SKYTYPE for your next SMS Text Campaign and get started with advertising via Writings in the Sky!