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Spotted! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…Claritin ad?

May 5, 2011
Media in canada
Claritin took to the skies today, writing its slogan across the downtown Toronto skyline over lunch in an attempt to grab attention and break through the (cloud) clutter.

‘Planning for the event started a year ago,’ Jean Lachance, senior brand manager, Claritin, tells MiC. ‘We thought ‘what could we do to have a breakthrough event?’ We reached out to our suppliers and got GearWerx Experiential Marketing involved in the process. They saw that we hadn’t ever had a campaign that involved people on the streets and got the ball rolling from there.’

A big departure from Claritin’s usual TV and OOH billboard campaigns, today’s stunt was created to get people thinking about the product in a positive way, Lachance said. ‘We want to bring people into allergy season with a smile on their face,’ he says. ‘It’s a chance to get people looking at the product in a bright way. Let them know allergy season is coming but give them a solution.

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Additional Video Coverage

Wynn Hiring Wave Spreads to So Cal
July 7, 2008
By Alex Edelstein, Frothing Developer
As head of marketing at Gemstone I’m keenly attuned to marketing messages, particularly those having to do with Las Vegas. Not much gets by me, particularly when it’s a 1000 foot high message floating above my head at 10,000 feet. I was in Newport Beach this weekend when I snapped this picture:

“If I had to guess,” I said to the people next to me at the pool, “that’s for Wynn Resorts’ new hotel/casino, Encore.” They were more than a little skeptical that Wynn would be going to all that effort to recruit all the way in Newport Beach for a few job openings. But when I explained that Encore was hiring for 5,300 new positions, that 125,000 new jobs were being created in the next two years, and that I myself had been recruited out of Newport Beach, they started to get it.

The fact that even in a “slow” job market Wynn is using skywriting in California to advertise for jobs gives you some idea what’s about to start happening here. There are simply not enough qualified, available employees here in Vegas to fill even these first jobs of the hiring wave. Wynn, City Center, Echelon, etc. are all going to have to start bringing in large numbers of employees from out of state.

It’s a simple equation: More jobs = more new residents = more housing demand. Encore is just the start of what’s going to be a very, very big wave.
Skytypers write the world's biggest text messages
July 17, 2009
BY MARY ELLEN WALSH | Special to Newsday
In America, almost every inch of space is an open canvas to advertise on - even the blue sky.

"W E L . . . I bet it's welcome," says Eric Platow of Massapequa, guessing as giant white, billowy letters began to appear 10,000 feet above Jones Beach during the Memorial Day weekend air show. "It is. Look."

Platow, a Wall Street businessman between jobs, says he enjoys watching the Geico Skytypers with his wife, Rachel, and sons Matthew, 4, and Jonathan, 14 months. "It's one of the most exciting things and fun to figure out what they're writing. I never miss this show."
>> Click to read the full story in NewsDay.com
Airborne advertising rises to new heights
April 7, 2009
Business is also booming for Skytypers, its executives say. The Las Vegas company recently patented a technology that uses five airplanes to make dotted clouds that spell out messages two miles overhead. Attendees at the Rose Parade might have seen the clouds spelling out advertisements for KTLA-TV Channel 5, Geico Corp. insurance and HBO.
>> Click to read the full story in the Los Angeles Times
Your client flying high in the sky
When a plane flies above towing a banner or writing
Mar 30, 2009
With the weather warming up across the country and the days longer, Americans will be spending more time relaxing outside, whether at the beach or at sporting events or picnics. For marketers, it’s a good opportunity to target these folks en masse up in the clouds by means of aerial advertising, and these days it's more than simply towing a banner or writing a few letters in the sky. Click to read the full story in >> Media Life Magazine
Skytypers debuting Phish Summer 2009 Concert Tour >> Click to watch video
Skytypers adds value for the client with high-powered outdoor advertising at superior price/value – a 30 to 1 gain in exposure with greater recall and retention of a brand identity for less than the cost of a full page advertisement. This ratio doubles when taking into account the collateral benefit of leveraging the Internet / New Media as exemplified by the latest service offering – “Skytexting.” Read more >>
To fill critical job openings at Boeing, a Shared Services recruiting team turns to skywriters, cookies-and a World War II-era actress

For Donna Wildrick and her team of 20 recruiters, the sky's the limit-barely-when it comes to attracting the skilled people that Boeing needs.

The Shared Services Global Staffing team kicked off 2004 by hiring weekend "skytypers" to circle over Los Angeles and Orange County with the message "www.Boeing.com/Careers," directing potential employees to The Boeing Company's jobs Web site. Boeing became the first aerospace company in Southern California to use the novel approach, long a staple of leading employers seeking talent along a sunny, 30-mile stretch of popular beaches. Read more >>
Fans4writers.com, a website where fans show support for striking Hollywood writers, has made plans to use the occasion of the Tournament Of Roses Parade on New Year's Day to have five planes "skytype" in support of the writers. In addition, a street team of fans will hand out flyers at the parade. To fund the effort, a silent auction and fundraising event is being held featuring some items donated by WGA members including scripts from the TV series Battlestar Galactica. Read more >>
Blood Bank Reaches For The Sky To Get Donors
SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- A Sacramento blood bank is reaching sky high to grab the attention of potential donors.

Dozens of Sacramentans were looking up this morning as a unique advertising campaign was literally typed across the sky.

Five special airplanes flew at 10,000 feet in formation and emitted vapor "puffs" in a dot matrix pattern over the HIghway 50 and Interstate 80 corridors spelling out several messages including "Give Blood, Save A Life" and "BloodSource 60 Years". Read more >>
Skytypers makes its mark on horizon
By: KATHRYN GILLICK - For the North County Times

VISTA -- Companies are always looking for new ways to reach consumers -- and the more people they can reach with a single advertisement, the better.

One North County media company, Skytypers Inc., has taken that concept airborne.

As the company's name implies, Skytypers creates messages in the sky that appear to be typed in a dot-matrix style, as it did over the San Diego coastline on July Fourth. Company President Stephen Stinis said the patented technique uses five planes flying side by side that strategically release puffs of what he calls "biodegradable vapor" to form letters that are 1,200 feet tall. It takes four seconds to make each letter. Read more >>